Welcome to my prayer book <3

Prayer suggestions:
- name three things you're grateful for today!
- leave the universe or your guardian spirits a kind message!
- tell me about someone you love!
- share your thoughts!
- or just say hi!


5:12pm 07-20-2022
Silent Moon
I'm grateful for: the ground under my feet, the roof over my head and my loved ones that also live under this roof.

Hey! I was looking for altar inspiration for my own website and stumbled onto you through your Judas altar. Your vibes are just *chef kiss*.
12:44am 07-15-2022
hey always cool to see another trans person with a sweet website, and thx for sharing your poetry . Every time i see such a creative site im grateful to its creator for taking the time to share their thoughts with the world, it is a true gift!
10:30am 07-11-2022
Waaah doggy page!! I love it : pleading_face:
10:42pm 07-04-2022
bluville (scott)
finally pulled up my pc to check out your neocities and it's so cool i love it. it's very "you!" keep being cool as fuck **
4:36am 06-25-2022
Val i think you are so cool! u am drunk and lookng lovingly at my top surgery scars. keep being trans and strange <3
12:00am 06-23-2022
hi valentine! excellent site, excited to see where you take it <3 today i'm grateful for air conditioning, water, and gender nonconformity. 🖤
11:13pm 06-22-2022
hello!!! hi val ur so cool. pls keep lots of love and magic in your goth ol heart <3
10:14pm 06-22-2022
Teeth pt. 2
Whoaaa you've got a crypt in this place!! Love it!! :O
10:02pm 06-22-2022
How come no one in your guestbook is playing with the fonts and colors and stuff there is no reason not to!!!!
2:13pm 06-22-2022
hiiiiii <3 i hope u r having a good day
12:45am 06-22-2022
hi!! love love the site! <3
10:06pm 06-21-2022
good evening! today i am grateful for the creators of neocities for making your cool website possible :D
10:03pm 06-21-2022
Hey! >:D Absolutely obsessed with ur site! Esp the dividers on the poetry page omg

Have a great day!! <3